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Parents’ Testimonials

Junior Champs may not be as well-known, but it is a fantastic preschool!
My daughter was only in the school for less than 3 months, but I can see changes from her compared to before. The teachers passion for their jobs can be seen on their faces each day you drop off your child. These two teachers have a way of teaching both school skills and social skills at the same time and it’s very impressive. They keep the learning experience fun and relaxed for the kids. They do a variety of activities and crafts. My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves Junior Champs, she asks everyday if she gets to go to school. I would recommend anyone with small children to come here to get them ready for preschool or kindergarten. Great school! Great teachers! Great experience!

Janet Lwy

We love Junior Champs and our child really looks forward to school daily. The school follows a really fun educational programme that helps in your child's development, and the place is very well run. Management and teachers are very nice, passionate and concerned about our child's development in all aspects, including inter alia, emotionally and socially. In our child's critical growing years, we are confident that our child will develop nicely with Junior Champs’ educational system and environment. There is also a great platform that Junior Champs uses to communicate on our child's activities and development. We also get prompt responses and updates from the teachers. Rest assured your child will be in good hands at Junior Champs.

Adeline Cheah

My daughter spent 2 happy years at Junior Champs before starting school. The teachers are caring, thoughtful and wish the best for each child. My daughter always felt cared for and was always happy to attend.

We also enjoyed the cultural aspect of Junior Champs. My daughter learnt about many local and international cultural festivals and occasions. She really enjoyed this and we feel like we understand Malaysia a lot more because of this.

Another great aspect of this preschool is the extra activities in the afternoon that you can choose to take part in. Pajama drama, art, and mandarin, to name a few. All super fun!

Thank you Junior Champs, we’ll miss you all.

L Stevens

I would highly recommend parents to send their children to Junior Champs. The teachers are patient, attentive and loving. Each class has small groups. Hygiene is very much practised. My girl who is 2.5years old progressed dramatically in the aspects of communication and fine motor skills. She has become very outgoing and cheerful after attending Junior Champs. I hope Junior Champs will continue to shine in the community and make a great difference among the younger generation, providing them a wonderful and meaningful learning experience.

Moo YongYun Mun

This is probably the best preschool we have had the pleasure of sending our kids to. We enrolled in Junior Champs for summer break. We wanted to have our kids enrolled in a program that’s consistent with what they’re exposed to back home in the United States… and this is it! The kids transitioned very well and they call it the fun school. At times, I don’t even think the kids know that they are actually learning something because the program has been tailored to make learning fun! The kids are treated as individuals and their opinions and feelings are considered. They love this school. Thank you Junior Champs for everything you have provided for my kiddos.

Vasanthi Ascencio

We love Junior Champs! The kids have so much fun while learning. Besides the usual ABCs and 1-2-3s, they also learn about things around them, like plants/the weather/their family. They also learn to grow emotionally and socially, discovering how to help each other and respect and love their friends and teachers. All the teachers are warm and caring and genuinely love the kids. They know each kid personally and work with their pace of development. My daughter, Jia En, has grown in many aspects and is a more confident girl now. She skips and runs to school every morning!

Shen Yi

Having recently moved from India to Malaysia, we enrolled Shaurya at Junior Champs for its diverse environment and balanced approach to education. While the initial weeks were tough, with a new school, unfamiliar faces, a different language, and a completely new environment, Shaurya quickly adapted. We're grateful to his teachers for their warmth and care, which eased his transition. Witnessing the excitement in Shaurya's eyes each school day brings us immense joy as parents.

Neha Nadkami

My son started Junior Champs when he was around 18 months old and studied there to 5 years old. Junior Champs helped him grow into an independent individual during all these years. His teachers were always there when I needed suggestions or individual arrangements for my son’s best interest. He was lucky to have friends from diverse backgrounds, locally and internationally, as teachers facilitated many activities to embrace different cultures and backgrounds. It was so easy to follow his learning from the ClassDojo app and meetings with teachers. I highly recommend this school.

Selma Arslan

Junior Champs has the best learning for kids. The curriculum is made in such a way that kids can learn so much at a younger age while playing. Every teacher is very nice and cooperative and child friendly. I feel sooo happy when my kid says "I want to go to school" with a big smile on her face.

Sudha Sharma

Students’ Testimonials

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